HN SP LLc we are a company founded in 2015 specialized in the health sector for both clinics and hospital units in equipping them, not only in disposable sterile and non-sterile medical supplies, but also as medical supplies, surgical sutures and implants orthopedics, hemostatic surgical doctors, as well as bone cements in the different presentations and endless biomedical equipment for the operating room area such as LED lamps, surgical tables, instruments, anesthesia machines, mechanical ventilators, neonatal incubators, multi-parameter monitors, Ecosonography, electrocardiography and equipments for imaging studies and radiological protection and more. And they are distributed in Latin America and Central America with a great vision of global expansion. A team of excellent medical specialists and entrepreneurs are at your disposal to offer advice and training where the quality and seriousness of your business is guaranteed. And in turn to patients who require advice and / or require a device or surgical medical implant. On the other hand, it can be seen that HN SP med is a company with innovative ideas and in this working on the design and development of new devices of which we will certainly have more to contribute not only to Latin America but to the world.

Our mission

The Excellence and supplying our clients with quality products, which will finally be brought to benefit patients around the world.

The Perseverance to always go ahead and meet the needs of hospital centers, clinical centers, medical offices, where the best service prevails, guarantee of each of our products and support and advice in general.

Our vision

To be the suppliers for you, if you are looking for high quality products for which we take all the time and effort, to search, investigate and elucidate about each of our commercial allies, and control that you complied with the quality standards, records and required FDA permits and all requirements that endorse and give certainty of it.


HN SP med was founded as an initiative to form a company where its privileged location allows to develop the management and expansion of purchase, sale, distribution, import and export of medical surgical equipment and furniture in Latin America and the world.


We are a transparent and responsible company with a team committed to assisting you and we hope to establish a good and long-lasting business relationship with you and to cover your needs for medical equipment and implants or surgical instruments, as the case may be.


In the first instance, high-quality products prevail from disposable medical supplies, surgical instruments, furniture and medical equipment for hospitals, clinics and medical offices, grafts, innovative devices and technology, and very soon the manufacture of surgical implants; among which is the development of devices for airway management in anesthesiology and surgical devices and implants for the spine.